Josep Albert

launched his project on Instagram in 2012 as a way to capture his daily life. At the end of 2015 it had grown faster than he could ever had imagined.

At 23 years old Josep studied Communication Science & Audiovisual Journalism, his photography has firmly evolved from hobby into professional matter. His photographs are fascinating and every detail in them is carefully taken care of.

From his early days in the world of photography, big companies such as Canon, LUSH, IKEA, Herschel, Givenchy, GoPro and many more have chosen him for their promotional campaigns. Throughout 2016, key social events have trusted him to manage their social media sites from Premis Gaudí VIII to GP de España Formula 1.

Furthermore, ‪in October 2015 Instagram included Josep Albert in their list of 200 suggested creative users. His high quality posts and active engagement in the community have helped him develop his personal brand, which has already reached over 105.000 followers.